Operation Power Up @ Play Nintendo Tour 2014

Recently, Nintendo of America toured around the US with its annual Nintendo mall experience entitled Play Nintendo Tour. The general public were able to participate in playing 3DS games, trying out the 2DS and getting a chance to enter a Mario Kart 8 tournament and win Nintendo prizes. As you know, we at Operation Power Up participated in the festivities as well!

Our objectives were simple:

1. Play Nintendo Games.
2. Promote Operation: Power Up.
3. Obtain free Nintendo Swag.
4. Try not to be noticed. (By dressing up as Nintendo characters again.)

We attended the Houston Galleria location of the tour. The event itself was quite massive and had a large focus on the 2DS! They had the following games available for free play, and each game had it’s own booth:

Kirby Triple Deluxe Booth
Yoshi’s New Island Booth
Pokémon X & Y Booth
The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Booth
Super Mario 3D Land Booth
Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze Booth

Super Mario 3D Land Booth

 There was so much to do at the Play Nintendo Tour. Participants were able to take pictures with costumed Nintendo characters.

Confirmed for Smash!
 It’s-a Mii!

People could also win free Nintendo prizes (such as plushes or PokéBalls) by answering Nintendo trivia to obtain “badges” which allows them a chance at the Nintendo claw machine.

Some of the questions included:
What was Mario’s name before he was called Mario?
How many Pokémon are there?
Which game has Mario, Donkey Kong, and Link appear on the same screen (that’s not Smash Bros.)?
Who is the Princess of Hyrule?
(These questions were pretty easy, thanks Nintendo Power and 20+ years of gaming!)

 Now I’m ready for the Elite Four!
Cue Kirby’s Adventure Claw Machine Music!

There was also a Mario Kart 8 tournament that was taking place at the event. To qualify, you had to obtain the best time in Mario Kart 7’s Toad Circuit. After that, you’ll play Mario Kart 8 against 4 other players, the best 2 players move on to the final round. The final round had players competing for first place on the big screen! Winners received posters and first place winners received a certificate!

Luigi getting ready for Luigi Kart 8 finals!
 *Insert Luigi Death Stare joke here.*

Fortunately for us,  we were able to play Super Smash Bros. for 3DS at this location of the tour! 

Super Smash Bros for 3DS!
Mega Awesome!

During the event, we were informing Nintendo fans of our campaign, which people were enthusiastically interested in. Even some of the people who worked at the Play Nintendo Tour were interested and supported our campaign. People began sharing their fond memories of Nintendo Power with my group and I. Overall the event was fun, and we managed to gain support for our campaign.

The 2DS Showcase!

Now we’ll leave you with cosplay photo shenanigans featuring some of the Operation: Power Up team, and local cosplayers in the area.

Dark Link has the Master Sword. That can’t be good…
The Legend of Peach
Player 2 joins!

Dark Link Confirmed!
Lucas and Mario!

Sunday Pic!
Saturday pic!
Pikachu and fan!
Red Link now available in Donkey Kong Barrels.
Mario Crew on Super Mario 3D Land set with Link!

Toadette on 2DS! 
A pic with one of the Play Nintendo Staff.
The resemblance is Uncanny!
Waluigi Time!
The baddies!
“I don’t know what’s going on anymore.”

A wild Pikachu!
Local Zelda Cosplayer!
Welcome to The Warp Zone!

Well then…

As a bonus, the people at the Play Nintendo Tour let us race against each other on the big screen!


With Pure Nintendo, Nintendo Force and Official Nintendo Magazine, there’s no doubt that gamers still want a Nintendo dedicated publication, and we hope that Nintendo of America will lend their support to Pure Nintendo or Nintendo Force so they can officially bring back the power.

See you next mission!

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