Nester in Smash Bros!

Today is a great day for us at Operation Power Up, for Sakurai has shown his support of Nintendo Power! 

How so you might ask? There’s a hidden page on the official Smash Bros. site. This hidden page reveals the iconic Nintendo Power mascot, Nester, being fully playable in the latest Super Smash Bros. game! The screenshots also reveal a few new stages as well! There’s no confirmation on this, but it seems that Nester might also be a North America-exclusive character. It makes sense seeing as though Nester was well known there back in the day. It seems that this character was developed mostly by NST, and still not officially revealed to the public yet.

We are just ecstatic that they’re going through Nintendo of America’s history to add someone who by now is considered a niche character! Clearly this shows that people still love and miss Nintendo Power!


For those new to Operation: Power Up, we’re a group of dedicated fans persuading Nintendo of America to bring back Nintendo Power as a digital publication, and/or a website. With fan publications such as Pure Nintendo and Nintendo Force, as well as official publications such as Club Nintendo Magazine, Nintendo Dream, and Official Nintendo Magazine, there’s still a market for a dedicated Nintendo publication. Our mission is simple: we want to get back the Power. Nintendo Power!

See you next mission!

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