Happy Holidays!

It’s that time of year again!  That magical time of year where Nintendo of America has their annual winter Holiday Mall Experience.  We at OP PowerUp, are no strangers to this, so let’s jump right in with pictures and silly captions!

Fado and the Brothers!
Fado relaxing.

A Link Between Worlds

Discover the Power, Nintendo Power!

Full display!
Captain Toad and Skylanders!

The cosplay crew! 
These guys again!

Sweet Hyule Warriors setup!

“Is it my turn yet?”

Who will win?

Nintendo Land


Who did you start with?

Presents galore!

Some of the Nintendo Mall staff!

Reindeer games!


Smash for 3DS

More Smash!

This adorable lad is name Tyler.  He met our Super Mario Brothers cosplayers!  He was so
happy to see the Super Mario Bros in real life that hugged Luigi
thinking he was from the video game. He was telling the brothers about
much he loved Luigi in Mario Kart and that he was his favorite Mario
brother. The Super Mario Bros were so touched by this child’s genuine
and cheerful emotions that they bought him a Mario Amiibo as an early
Christmas gift!

So there you have it! It’s been a great year for us Nintendo fans!  What will be in store for us next year?  Maybe the return of Nintendo Power?  We can only hope!

See you next mission!

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Have you wished Nikki a Happy Birthday?  We have! 😉