Introducing Power Up Nintendo!


Today is big day for us North American amiibo and Animal Crossing fans!  The Retro 3-Pack amiibo has been released as well as Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer, the series 1 Animal Crossing amiibo cards, along with the New Nintendo 3DS Animal Crossing Bundle, and finally the Nintendo 3DS NFC Reader/Writer!

However for us at Operation Power Up, we’ve decided launch a brand new site known as Power Up Nintendo (such an original name)! With this site we plan on to share content from the Nintendo fan community such as fan art, cosplays, custom amiibo and more! We’ve also decide to make exclusive fun editorials! Don’t worry, we’re still keeping the spirit of Nintendo Power alive and preserved, and as well continue to officially bring back the Nintendo Power brand in one form or another.

We’re still currently in the midst of updating and the site and retro-actively restoring content from our older site, so please understand! Stay tuned for more info and keep playing power!

See you next mission!